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This Is Our Wavelength

We are Empowering Creatives and Protecting the Creative Process.

  • We are not a one size fits all
  • We are malleable
  • We roll up our sleeves
  • We dedicate time to the whole
  • We are driven to build something that will help you thrive—to put forth an experience that is physical and emotional, tangible and intangible
  • An experience that can only be understood if felt—from the inside out.

Our Values Bring
Us Together.

Two hands making a heart.

Authentic Connection

You love us, and we love you.
That’s how this works.

Eye with rays.


The dream doesn’t need to be 100% clear, but it does need to make us all jump out of bed every morning.

Glowing torch.


If it’s real, we’ll feel it. If it’s true, we’ll do it.

Seedling sprouting.


We are the sum of our choices, actions, experiences. They should add up to something good great.

Woman climbing a mountain peak.


Blood, sweat, tears. REPEAT. If you can lay it all on the table a hundred times over and still remain standing, it’s a good sign.

Parachuter with smiley face chute.


Excellence doesn’t come easy, but staying positive moves us forward.

From The Heart

Our goal is simple: Do what you love, where you love, for as long as you love.

Chantel and Monina are Managing Partners in SLAQR Society. Based on 30 years of friendship and a combined 20 years of building separate businesses, they identified their greatest career fulfillment thus far, has been inspiring and helping others realize their goals and dreams.

With Monina based in Kailua, HI and Chantel based in Sag Harbor, NY, their shared values and combined experience and resources bring forth an unparalleled growth model for Creators and their ventures to thrive.

Monina and Chantel Venn Diagram
  • Vision,
  • Passion,
  • Purpose,
  • Grit,
  • Optimism,
  • Authentic

Bootstrapped Founder

Monina Verano

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“I’ve seen too many talented Creators end their entrepreneurial journey early because they weren’t lucky enough to have the right resources at the right time. They didn’t have a sounding board, partner, or mentor to combine left brain with right brain thinking.”
Line drawing of Monina Verano

As an Indie Creative turned Creative Entrepreneur, my passion lies in unlocking ideas, connecting dots, creating present and future frameworks for success, and building teams that are genuinely happy with the day to day and taken care of from year to year. My mission with SLAQR Society is to offer Founders sustainable paths to executing big dreams, while providing opportunities to develop a balanced mindset of ambitiousness and well-being.

I believe our magic lies in meticulous curation and the unique cultivation of points of view. I value the long game, thoughtful execution, raw talent, hidden gems, working incredibly smart, and having fun along the way. I invest in every Creator in Society. Call me with what keeps you up at night, because chances are I’ve been there and if I can’t solve your issue, I will find someone who can.

Monina Verano is the Founder of SLAQR, a multi-award winning agency and Creative resource for storytellers and studio executives to expand their brand vision and introduce top-tier content to global audiences. Monina also serves as Executive Producer of an original television series called Cake, currently in its second season on FXX and Hulu.

VC Funded Founder

Chantel Waterbury

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“I am a builder at heart and have found that my happiness is fueled by helping others flourish at every stage of their journey.”
Line drawing of Chantel Waterbury

In gaining my expertise in fashion, retail, building community and running venture backed businesses at scale, what has truly inspired me and brought me the most joy has been working with passionate and talented Creators to help them realize their dreams. My mission with SLAQR Society is to create meaningful relationships, build working systems, identify and implement synergies, facilitate learning, and build WOW experiences through all stages of growth.

I value planting seeds and nurturing them, focusing on building a healthy foundation for Creators to flourish. We are here for the sunny and rainy days and tend to each unique phase of growth. We are interested in the bare soil, making it rich, and cultivating it well. We achieve big goals through all of the tiny choices that get us there.

Chantel Waterbury is the Founder of community driven direct to consumer brands INSPR and Chloe + Isabel, where she raised tens of millions in venture capital as well as rapidly scaled businesses to over $40mil in less than 5 years. She has deep experience in Merchandising, Planning, Design and Product Development across many categories and has managed businesses in corporate fashion for retailers like LVMH, Target Corp. and Gap Inc.

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How can we help you on your Creative journey?

This is Step one in helping us understand the needs of Creators, like you, who are looking to do what they love, while making a living in an authentic and meaningful way.

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Hello Hello

How can we help you on your Creative journey?

This is step one in helping us understand the needs of Creators, like you, who are looking to do what they love, while making a living in an authentic and meaningful way.

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